My girl, Karla Walker, and I wrote this piece as an impromptu collab via a Facebook post… I want to share it with you… (watch the video…)
Home of the Free…
Home of the free because of the brave…
Home of the whites because of the slaves
displaced Natives because of the raids!
rivers of blood and lands full of graves
graves that are filled with black lives that mattered, tortured and abused leaving blood shed and splatters!
2020 same stuff different day, but the change that is coming is well on the way
Movements of justice and equity must go beyond marches in the street- we must build to change policy and reorganize to defeat…
because only when black people coming together can we dare
To try to use our love to cast out the white man’s fear
White allies and others are important in this declaration too..
.racism and the abuse of power also hurts YOU!
but do they ever really realize or ever really see that the victim of white privilege is not just me?
protesting for our liberty a black athlete takes knee and that becomes more offensive then the white officer terminating my ability to breathe!
Home of the brave- but I’ve yet to be free… from the power and privilege that oppresses me.
Home of the brave , who is really free? black lives still Slavin’ for equity!
We are the brave in a land that they call free and we will continue to seek justice unapologetically!